Arkansas Optometric Association

Spring Convention

Exhibitor Information

April 28, 2023

Statehouse Convention Center, Little Rock

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 Exhibit Hall Hours

The exhibit hall will be in Governor's Hall IV.  The exhibit hall will be open Friday, April 28 from 4-6pm.  

The exhibit hall doors will be open from 4-6pm.

 Exhibitor Registration

Exhibit Hall Map



 Exhibitor Contact Information

Booth 3:  Lumibird Medical (formerly Ellex | Quantel Medical)

Karrissa Mitalovich

Booth 4: Viatris Eye Care 

Christa Wornock ; Ryan Vallee

Booth 5: Arkansas Artificial Eye Clinic-RealLifeFaces

Angela Kessler, Dawn Hyndman

Booth 7:  Midland Optical

Michele Bustos

Booth 8: Vision Care Direct

Ray Crews, James Ashford

Booth 14:  Shamir Insight

Shemarr Thompson, Jason Blue

Booth 18, 19:  Jones Eye Institute

Meredith Burgess, Dr. Katie Brown, Dr. Mary James, Dr. Megan Shirey

Booth 20:  Marco

Christian De Leon

Booth 23: Alcon

Monique Liesmann, Daron Hall, Mike Sisco

Booth 24:  VISIONIX

Stuart Weeks

Booth 25: VisionSouth Medical

Greg Shackelford

Booth 26: LKC RETeval

Ben Hand

Booth 28: Lumenis

Stuart Rasnick

Booth 29:

Ken Crawford

Booth 30: VSP Vision

Barbara Piels, VSP Optics | Gerald Botelho, VSP Vision | Lora Swickard, Eyefinity

Booth 31: rxotulsa

Jennifer Harness, DaWain Hassell

Booth 32: Neurolens

Jennifer Knox , Cindy Rosser

Booth 33: JNJ Vision

Tony Gleghorn, Casey Coulter

Booth 34: McFarland Eye Care

Amy O'Connor

Booth 35: Allergan an Abbvie Company

Morgan Richard, Specialty Representative | Chris Clark, District Manager

Booth 36: NIDEK

Jay Wollack, Joe Salinas

Booth 37:  OCuSOFT

Troy Smith, Noah Peterson

Booth 39: ZEISS

Evan Bertucci

Booth 40: Sun Ophthalmics

Tron Ross ; Lee Feliciano

Booth 41:  Bausch + Lomb

Ryan Schuler ; Kyle Hatfield

Booth 42:  Essilor Labs


Booth 43: CooperVision

Kelly Pfeifer

Booth 44: Optos

Chaney Horn Conway

Booth 45: PECAA

Linda Holley

Booth 47: 2M Medical Solutions, LLC

Jeff Bennett,  Nathan Kyzar

Booth 48: Macuhealth


Booth 50: My Medical Supply

Kelley Rideout, Greg Rideout

Booth 51: GLAUKOS

Lance Ranlett, Eric Gillespie



Exhibitor Information

When: April 28, 2023

Set up: April 28, 2023, 1pm-3:30pm

Dismantle: 6pm-8pm

Location: Statehouse Convention Center, 101 E. Markham, Little Rock

Room: Governor's Hall IV

Exhibit booth are 10x10 in size, with 8' high back drape, 3' high side drape, one 6' skirted table, two chairs, and exhibitor ID sign.

Specific exhibit hall times: 4-6pm

Shipping: You are responsible for your own shipping of materials.  The Arkansas Optometric Association does not take responsibility for any shipments.  If you would like to have your materials shipped, Sunbelt Convention Services can help you.  Click here for the shipping form.  

Price:  $920/booth

Booths assignments:  You will choose your booth during registration.  Please view diagram above to choose your location.  Registered vendors will be added to this site as they register so that you can note who your neighboring booth will be.

Registration:  Click here for exhibitor registration.